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With our content creator, learning objects and courses can be individually created by teachers or other certified professionals. If desired, the trend-setting software allows any media formats - such as videos, films, articles, photos, etc. - to be integrated.


Our Skill Manager is directly connected to the LMS and optimally supports competency-based learning. The skills acquired by the learners are evaluated, analyzed and later compared with selected professional profiles.


Our analytics tool allows intensive monitoring of the learner's performance profile and progression to identify individual areas of concern. On this basis, we make precise optimization suggestions that actively promote the learning process.


Use our content editor to modify existing courses and learning objects. Changes are adapted immediately so that all learners can always learn with the most current version.


With our exam tool, learners can successfully complete their exams on any device - laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Our biometric authentication ensures that only authenticated learners can access the exam.


The event manager organizes all courses and dates - such as exams, info events, etc. and automatically transfers them to the learners' calendars. Thus, nu.Events enables the perfect blended learning symbiosis between online and offline learning.


Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers a scalable interface and comprehensive features. It is designed to adapt to the latest requirements of educational institutions and to continuously evolve according to needs.


In the store you will find a variety of certified interactive learning content. These come from educational publishers, teachers, as well as certified educational content creators. These contents can be easily and directly integrated into the teaching structure.


The Sharing Hub promotes and ensures the interactive exchange of learning content between different educational institutions. Content is easily shared via the platform and integrated directly into the classroom. This facilitates cooperation with other places of learning and allows synergies to be exploited.

nu.Single Sign On

Each learner can access all our services after a one-time authentication with their Office365/Google/SAP profile. Single Sign On reduces the attack surface for cyber attacks and improves enterprise security.


With our nu.ID, learners can share their profile with selected employers and educational institutions via QR code. The nu.ID contains a competence profile, which is composed of all collected learning data, CV and certificates.


All data generated on our platform is encrypted via blockchain. This allows us to ensure improved safety, a transparent overview and immediate traceability.


Learners can be part of a community and support each other on their learning journey. You can network with other learners, share learning content, foster learning friendships, and more.


Our team is available to all users with a response time of 2-4 hours during normal office hours. Our platform is a complete in-house development, therefore we can guarantee necessary technical support without any restrictions.


By incorporating gamification into the learning process, we encourage learner engagement and increase the joy of learning. We also connect lessons with real-world problems and applications to optimally empower learners on their learning journey.


Each learner receives a Learning Avatar that can be configured according to their preferences. The avatars accompany learners on their educational journey and can be interactively integrated into the learning program to ensure a tailored learning experience.

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