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We offer a learning platform that is specifically geared towards activity-based learning and provides targeted support for the individual learning process. Our platform is suitable for schools, colleges, vocational schools, universities and companies that want to teach according to the latest pedagogical methods.

With our platform, you can easily implement personalized learning and provide learning content tailored to the needs of your learners or employees. Different learning requirements are therefore no longer an obstacle to learning success. We support you with artificial intelligence (AI) to create content based on learning process data and individual learning needs.
Through our learning platform, you also have access to an extensive store that provides digital learning content from many educational publishers. This allows you to conveniently and easily integrate content into your lessons.

Our platform provides an interactive and hands-on learning experience that helps your learners achieve action competencies related to their individual training goal. Up-to-date information on the level of competence gives you an overview of the achievement of the training objective at any time.

We are proud to provide a platform that motivates every learner to develop new skills and offers extensive opportunities to optimize the personal learning process.

Personalized Learning Experience

With our personalized learning design, we tailor learning to each learner's strengths, needs, abilities, and interests. This is how we provide a unique learning experience.

Interactive Learning Content

The interactive learning content and game-like elements on our platform encourage learner engagement and learning performance.

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The Pro version is available to all educational institutions for free for 60 days. Take advantage of the opportunity today and convince yourself.

Lifelong learning

We promote lifelong learning as never before and ensure that every learner can acquire knowledge and new skills over the course of their lifetime to fulfill themselves personally as well as professionally.

4C model of competency-based learning

Our AI-based Learning Experience platform is based on the 4C model of competency-based learning and has been created in close collaboration with renowned experts in this field.

User friendliness

We make learning visible. With our intuitive user interface and structure, we not only promote learning for the next generations, but also eliminate the need for third-party services.

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With our content creator, learning objects and courses can be individually created by teachers or other certified professionals. If desired, the trend-setting software allows any media formats - such as videos, films, articles, photos, etc. - to be integrated.

In the store you will find a variety of certified interactive learning content. These come from educational publishers, teachers, as well as certified educational content creators. These contents can be easily and directly integrated into the teaching structure.


Our analytics tool allows intensive monitoring of the learner's performance profile and progression to identify individual areas of concern. On this basis, we make precise optimization suggestions that actively promote the learning process.


With our exam tool, learners can successfully complete their exams on any device - laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Our biometric authentication ensures that only authenticated learners can access the exam.


By incorporating gamification into the learning process, we encourage learner engagement and increase the joy of learning. We also connect lessons with real-world problems and applications to optimally empower learners on their learning journey.


Each learner receives a Learning Avatar that can be configured according to their preferences. The avatars accompany learners on their educational journey and can be interactively integrated into the learning program to ensure a tailored learning experience.

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nu.Education is the most innovative competency-based learning platform. It was developed and designed in exclusive coordination and cooperation with Swiss higher education and vocational schools. The focus is on the classroom of the future with the aim of perfecting educational quality with the help of digital elements.

More transparency in learning

With our intuitive design, we make competence orientation and learning visible to learners. Thus, we promote learning for the next generations and increase individual learning success.


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